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Lucciana Pascual

Born in Miami
Raised in Managua

B.F.A.: Film and Television
NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Based in Brooklyn, NY

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Lucciana Pascual is a Nicaraguan-American film director and interdisciplinary visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her films have screened in festivals across Europe and the United States, including the SoHo International Film Festival where her debut short film, Hora Azul (2023), had its world premiere. In the past, she worked as creative director on the music videos of the Grammy-winning bands Bacilos and Morat (2021). With a particular interest in magical realism, Lucciana dares to adapt the underlying symbolism of her narratives with a surrealist visual approach.

Hora Azul

When a painter falls into his own canvas, he is stuck in a state of limbo. His muse must find a way to save him before the paint dries and he is trapped forever.

In Dante's Inferno, contrapasso is the punishment of souls "by a process either resembling or contrasting with the sin itself." As such, Hora Azul manifests the contrapasso of love through art.


SoHo International Film Festival ; World Premiere
Girona Film Festival ; European Premiere, Nominee
New York International Film Awards ; Grand Jury Award
Cine Paris Film Festival ; Best Experimental Film Award
Dumbo Film Festival ; Semi-Finalist
Student World Impact Film Festival ; Finalist
LA Underground Film Forum ; Honorable Mention
Vienna International Film Awards ; Honorable Mention
Berlin Indie Film Festival ; Official Selection
New York Liftoff Film Festival ; Official Selection

Hora Azul Official Poster
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